First of all the well-being of the horse

The riding covers over 20,000 square meters in the picturesque landscape of the Parco di Veio in Rome North.


The horses are housed in two stables with attention to every detail.

Stable with Rinco box size 3 mt x 3.5 Rinco, urine collection wells in each single box, the central corridor is in rubber, blue night lights, large windows with mosquito nets and protections against intrusion upon request walls covered in rubber, 1 internal washing with rubber flooring, hot water, dries horse lamp infrared Rinco. Surveillance cameras. On request, camera positioned on a single box with an access code of your own.

An English stable made in wood and masonry, urine collection wells in each box, night lights blue, on request walls covered in rubber.


The field has an area of mt.50 x 70 in sand and equisoftex with rinco fence.
The Obstacle Race Park, is full of all kinds of jumps including wall and streams


NUTRITIONS:  Horses are fed 3 times per day with hay from Tuscania and mash Cavalor; carrots are added at lunch three times per week and mash Cavalor once per week.

BEDDING: in straw, based on request, wood shavings ecological or coconut shavings. The litter is cleaned 3 times a day.

GROOMING: cleaning and care of the horse is entrusted to groom professionals and experts. Maximum 7/8 horses for one expert. In the stables there are five washes, three of them with hot water. One wash is equipped with and horse-dry infrared heat lamp.

TACK ROOM: we have modern and functional tack room with natural ventilation and heating, screen windows and doors with nets and anti-intrusion systems.

CLEANING MATERIALS: In the stables there is a utility room with 2 washing machines and a comfortable sink with hot water.

HORSES TRAINING: Carousel Handy, model Tecno Exercise to train your horse in complete safety with the innovative training program.
Water treadmill for training and rehabilitation of sport horses.

PADDOCK: we have small paddock for the leg of the horse pre or post work.